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CUT-Estimator products

CUT-Estimator Pro™ software
Complete software, all features included.

List  Price:  US-$  4000.-  /  Euro 3200.-

All prices excl. applicable sales tax ab DK.


          CUT-Estimator Pro™

CUT-Estimator Pro™ software in short:
Perform all types Digital Finishing system estimations, at easy and fast performance. No user training needed.
Estimating for 1 system, configuration and tool-set, with large standard material and shape/contour databases, easy saving of and searching for estimates, customers, your own materials, your own shapes/contours. Estimate up to 6 alternative quantities per project, providing project worktime, operator time, cost info and material usage efficiency for each project.
Use for all currencies and both standard and metric measurements.
Available in PC and Mac version for in-house and on-the-go usage.

To Buy: Please contact CUT-Estimator