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Why CUT-Estimator
-   Fast and Easy Estimating
-   Accurate Estimating
-   Efficient print-out features
-   Materials for projects

Accurate Estimating of Digital Finishing projects

Profit from Accurate Finishing Estimates
The CUT-Estimator™ software provides for fast, easy and accurate estimating for digital cutting/routing finishing projects performed on i-cut® enabled digital cutting/routing systems.

Precision up to 90% accuracy
The precision of estimating with CUT-Estimator is proven to be up to 90% when comparing with the real digital finishing projects.

Precise Price and Work Time Estimates
For many digital cutting/routing projects it is difficult to accurately guess the cost of finishing production work hours, when a customer is asking for a project quote before the job is fully defined. Now, with CUT-Estimator you can easily estimate precise cost, set realistic prices and schedule work hours for all types of finishing projects to be performed on digital cutting/routing systems – no matter the project quantity, material type, thickness, printing method, cutting/routing complexity and more. CUT-Estimator allows you to finalize the estimate by calculating an accurate project sales price and printing out a project estimate sheet for your customer.
When the project order is received you just print out the project order sheet to have all the specific production finishing info at hand and to schedule the production plan as well as info for the operator to work the project at the digital cutting/routing system.

Accurately Estimate For All Cut Contours and Types of Materials – Regardless of Complexity
CUT-Estimator utilizes specific material data-base values parallel to those used in the i-cut Cutting Key™ to define cutting/routing methods, speeds and tooling requirements to directly enter the material settings known from the digital cutting/routing system in use in your facility.

- the easy, fast and precise estimator for digital finishing projects

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