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Build a Profit Center
-   Build a Profit Center
-   Optimize Your System
-   Increase your productivity

Make Digital Finishing a Profit Center

Why is it that after your large investment in new printing capability and much improved efficiency that your profit level is still too low?

Printers print. 
Your print estimating is accurate and allows you to make a profit from print. 
Estimating for digital finishing is much less accurate and sometimes off by a large amount.
So spending a couple of minutes on precise estimating for each job, using Cut-Estimatorâ„¢ is worth the time as it will significantly improve your margins and profit, as well as the providing the added benefit of having more happy and loyal customers from whom you will continue to get more profitable projects.


  Overpricing finishing to guaranty you will not lose profit = job loss
                                           Print profit plus finishing loss = job profit loss
                                        Print profit plus finishing profit = high profit

Cut-Estimatorâ„¢ is low priced.  Your return on investment can easily be 100 X that amount. 
Not moving forward with Cut-Estimator can only lose more profits and perhaps customers.
The choice is yours!