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Build a Profit Center
-   Build a Profit Center
-   Optimize Your System
-   Increase your productivity

Increase Your Digital Finishing Productivity To Significantly Improve Profits

High productivity is important to profitable performance of digital printing  and finishing.
How  to ensure that your organization will get the best possible use and profits from its investment in a digital finishing system, and that system operators will be capable of working efficiently now and in the future?

A few general goals to further your successes: 
1. Perform more in less time
2. A few easy changes will show big results
3. Bigger is better
4. Work smarter not harder

CUT-Estimator™ can show you how to increase efficiency in your digital finishing process as part of its training programs.


  CUT-Estimator is the only estimating software on the market that will provide you with precise estimations for your digital finishing jobs – fast and easy.

By using CUT-Estimator itself suggestions for easy-to-accomplish changes are encouraged by the estimating procedures,  the ease of performing alternative calculations, one-click printing of cost and work sheets and much more.

Spending a couple of minutes on precise estimating is worth the time – to increase productivity of the digital finishing projects – and improve your margins and profit.

CUT-Estimator is low priced. 
Your return on investment can easily be 100 X that amount. 
Not moving forward with Cut-Estimator can only lose you profits and perhaps customers.
The choice is yours!