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Build a Profit Center
-   Build a Profit Center
-   Optimize Your System
-   Increase your productivity

Optimize Your Digital Finishing System and
Increase Production Capacity

Do you need more production capacity at your digital finishing system? 

Often more production capacity can be achieved within the same shifts by optimizing the productivity of the digital finishing department.
A change of tooling, a mix of tooling or adding extra system options can for some projects increase productivity significantly and provide a positive impact on the total work time for a project. Optimizing by project revisions for more fast turnaround,  speeding up to a higher finishing ratio or working faster by adding more man hours to the project can also provide needed capacity.

A few straight forward ways to increase the digital finishing capacity:
- Add one more extra shift onto the present system
- Add an extra digital finishing system – like the present system or a different type?
- Add automation options to your system – like a conveyor belt or sheet feeder
- Shipp projects to subcontractors for performing the digital finishing at their facilities?
The right answer is not an easy one
Knowing how the options can play out in advance is a specific byproduct of the use of CUT-Estimator™.
CUT-Estimator is the only estimating software on the market that will provide you with precise estimations for your digital finishing jobs – fast and easy.


By using CUT-Estimator, most of the capacity changes are encouraged due to the ease of performing alternative calculations and thereby showing better productivity by adding extra system tools, adding system automation, an extra operator shift and much more.
Spending a couple of minutes on precise estimating is worth the time – to increase productivity of the digital finishing projects – and to help you to justify additional equipment and  improve your margins and profit as well.

CUT-Estimator is low priced. Your return on investment can easily be 100 X that amount. 
Not moving forward with Cut-Estimator can only lose you profits and perhaps customers.
The choice is yours!